Our competitors come from all experience levels, and our focus is on bringing you the best package possible from your muscle maturity, to your leanness / hardness, to posing and stage presence.

Our clients have a range of goals. Some seeking to lose weight, some seeking to improve their health, and others also want the physique gains like a competitor, but have no desire to step on stage.


"The Ab Chick"

Stephanie Sequeira, Masters Degree, IFBB Pro

"The Med Dude"

Joseph Migliore, Masters Degree, Medical Student

  • Latest Lift – my daily workouts
  • Maro-Calculator – calculate your calories using my proprietary formulas
  • Prep Diary – my check-ins and progress
  • Exercise Library – updated as I invent/discover new exercises with all my favorites and essentials

Figuur8 Fit & Figuur8 Pro

Hey guys, so I launched my brand new product, the Figuur8 Waist Trainer!

Figuur8 is designed for the optimum level of performance, feel, and waist training.

I would love it if you went and took a look!