Competition Prep coaching

Coaching with Team Ab Chick is a commitment to strive to bring your best physique possible to the stage. It is about furthering your own personal potential.


Full Customized training plan, designed to get your unique body to build the structure needed to place in competition.


The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the foods you intake. These should be chosen to fuel your body, and macronutrients calculated to meet your goals


Cardio is important for getting the leanness and conditioning needed to show off your physique on stage. It will be custom tailored to your needs.

Posing & Peak

Prep isn't quite the same as a regular fitness plan. You have to also focus on your posing routine, suit, and overall stage presence. AND it takes a lot more hands on guidance from us as the show gets closer.

Coaching Includes:

  • Weight Lifting Regimen

    We compare your physique to that of the winning pros, and what's expected for your division. This is different from Lifestyle coaching, in that you don't pick your desired physique goals, we work together to get you to match the winning look! Fully detailed training protocol based on your physiques needs. We will sit down and analyze your physique from top to bottom to make sure we build the perfect training protocol to achieve the winning physique. Everyone’s programs are individually tailored to fit their needs. For example, if you lack upper body development and your quads are overpowering, we want to make sure that we create a program that is going to help us build the upper body and bring down your quads to create an ideal balanced look for the stage.

  • Diet & Supplement Regimen

    This is also geared towards the competition stage. Based on our discussed timeline, we will aim to bring you in full, lean, and confident. Comprehensive and complete personalized nutritional regimen. Based on your stats, individual needs, and competition deadlines, we calculate your macros and calories. You will have the option to follow a constructed meal plan or a flexible dieting option based on your macros.

  • Cardio Regimen

    Not all cardio will give you the same results! Part of the goals that we are wanting to reach. One person’s amount and type of cardio will not be the same as somebody else’s. The function of the cardio will be to keep you healthy and manage your weightloss. My philosophy is to keep your food as high and your cardio as low as possible to be able to have the best results. Through the process your health and metabolism is the most important and we will strive to accomplish everything in the best way possible.

  • 24/7 Access

    All Competitors have our phone number and email, for anytime text/calls to get the answers they need regarding their training and nutrition.

  • Weekly Check-ins

    All Competitors are required to check-in Weekly. Not only do we provide check-ins with us, but they are a required aspect to our coaching. This keeps us all accountable and on track to meet your competition goals.

  • Competition Guide

    We are giving all competitors access to our site, with special competition guide, and we also walk you through all the important steps throughout the process. - Picking out your Suit - Selecting the best show date for you - Getting the best tan (and why it's so important) - Jewelry, makeup, heels (for the ladies)

  • Peak Week Support

    Peak Week - and the week or so before, is a critical time for the competitor. It takes some extra work from us to keep on top of you almost daily to monitor any minute changes and really dial you in to peak on show day.

  • Show Day

    It's your Show Day! We get up early just for you! You don't go through this alone. If we can't make your show due to distance or other obligations, we WILL be sure to be available and attentive via phone throughout the show for any quick, needed adjustments and questions.

What Your Teammates Say

Emilee C., Bikini Athlete @_Emil33

"I started training with my coach, Stephanie Sequeira, in April 2016. My goal was to compete in a NPC bikini competition. I had very little information on the sport, I only knew about the glamourous after stage shots that tend to flood Instagram. But like most, I was captivated by their shiny bikinis, makeup, and abs! From the beginning “Coach Steph” (her official name saved in my contact list), was super informative and more importantly MOTIVATING. She was just a text message away for 16 whole weeks, my “day one” if you will. From helping me with the right foods and training to bikini shopping and posing, and the occasional motivator when I wasn’t getting it from myself. After 16 long weeks of weights, cardio, repeat and a peak week that seemed to last longer than 7 days, I stepped on stage a completely different human. I felt confident after hearing how Coach Stephanie was so pleased with the way I looked, not only on show day, but every check-in leading to the big day! I couldn’t be any more proud to be a part of Team Ab Chick, they helped me reach my goal of entering my first bikini show and now I’m hooked! My next show is in December 2016 and I know Stephanie and Team Ab Chick will be just as awesome with helping me bring the best package as I can possibly bring!"

Megan G., Bikini Athlete @MagesticMegan

Megan G., Bikini Athlete @MagesticMegan

Stephanie's coaching services have really helped me with my first bikini competition prep. She is very responsive and answers the many questions I have. She even takes time to meet with her clients on Skype for 30-40 mins at a time to practice posing and just talk, it's super helpful! Her workouts are killer but crazy fun to do, and I feel I've already made a lot of progress in the short time I've been working with her.

Shelby S., Bikini Athlete @ShelbyStavena

Shelby S., Bikini Athlete @ShelbyStavena

All throughout high school I was very active in sports. When I got to college, weight lifting became a passion of mine. For about two years, I did my own thing in regards to my fitness and nutrition. Unfortunately, I eventually felt as if I hit a plateau. I wanted to bring my fitness to the next level, so I considered competing in a bikini competition. This is around the time I came across Stephanie, my current coach. I talked to her about competitions, still being really "iffy" about the thought of me on stage. I never felt as if I could look like those competitors. Eventually, I began my first prep! It was a long and tough 15 weeks of show prep, but I LOVED every second of it. With Team Ab Chick, I was able to achieve an even better package than I ever imagined possible for myself. I was able to discipline myself, as well as find new limitations and push past them. I ended up bringing home fourth place in my very first show. Now, I can't wait to do it all over again! "


3 Month Plan


/3 months

Training Program with Updates

Nutrition Program with Updates

Supplement Guide

24/7 access

Frequently Asked Questions

Stephanie is very goal oriented. She believes in brining you to the stage to win. All her efforts will be aligned to meet that goal for each and every client. She understands that not every competitor in the NPC steps on stage to go PRO in the IFBB, but she still gives you that same attention to detail.

When you join Team Ab Chick, you are joining HER TEAM, which means she has a lot of personal interest in seeing you succeed in your goals.

All clients will get access to her cell via phone and text, in addition to her  coaching email address.

This is to allow for quick questions to be answered, and stay in regular communication.

I am HERE for YOU!

Weekly check-ins are so important! Let me tell you!

I’ve had a couple different coaches myself. And I’ve taken some of the best elements from each of them. 

You don’t want just text communication once a week. You want text anytime, plus weekly phone call check-ins like Steph provides. These allow you to stay 100% on the same page, build trust, and reduce the number of days/weeks with stalled progress and be able to break through those plateaus!

Yes, lol. You really talk to me every week at check-ins on the phone, AND you can text me any time!

I have a lot of experience working with vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, etc. 

If you have personal, religious, medical, or allergy concerns, I will 100% still work with you!

Yes, I will provide you with:

  1. Your own, personalized, macros for flexible dieting 
  2. A personalized meal plan that you can simply follow, without worry, to get your results.

These are Updated As-Needed, but we discuss that on a weekly basis. 

Off season this may not change frequently, but deep into prep it could change every week.