Lifestyle Fitness coaching

Coaching with Team Ab Chick is a commitment to strive to bring your best physique possible to the stage. It is about furthering your own personal potential.


Full Customized training plan, designed to get your unique body to build the structure you want. If you wand bigger shoulders, wider back, more toned legs, or... of course... the abs!


The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the foods you intake. These should be chosen to fuel your body, and calories/macronutrients calculated to meet your goals


Cardio is important for burning fat, but also your cardiovascular health and activating the cellular mechanisms to bring your physique to the level you want.


Our goal is to help you achieve your long term goals. We want you to grow with us. Ask us questions, and learn everything you can!

Coaching Includes:

  • Weight Lifting Regimen

    We compare your physique to that of the winning pros, and what's expected for your division. This is different from Lifestyle coaching, in that you don't pick your desired physique goals, we work together to get you to match the winning look!

  • Diet & Supplement Regimen

    This is also geared towards the competition stage. Based on our discussed timeline, we will aim to bring you in full, lean, and confident.

  • Cardio Regimen

    When you have a stage date in mind, sometimes the cardio has to get a bit tougher than you are used to. Each person gets a different amount based on their needs. I aim to never get

  • 24/7 Access

    All Competitors have our phone number and email, for anytime text/calls to get the answers they need regarding their training and nutrition.

  • Weekly Check-ins

    All Competitors are required to check-in Weekly. Not only do we provide check-ins with us, but they are a required aspect to our coaching. This keeps us all accountable and on track to meet your competition goals.

What Your Teammates Say

Khadeidra (Weightloss Client)

“I am a firm believer in saying, 'If you don't like something about yourself, change it.' When I moved to Chicago, I was highly discontent with my body image and weight which prompted me to start working with Stephanie. By far, it has been the best decision that I have made in a long time. Over the past 4 months, her knowledge, motivation, and guidance has helped me to lose almost 30 lbs. and I feel so amazing! I never could have imagined that I would be at this place physically. I will continue to use the tools and advice that Stephanie gave me well into the future as I work to reach my final goal. The feeling that I get when I look in the mirror is incomparable and I have Stephanie to thank for that!”

Erin Harkley (Lifestyle turned Competitor)

"When my journey began I was pushing 200 pounds, Dec 2017 was my highest weight of 195 pound. Depressed, high blood pressure, fertility issues, and the list continued. April of 2018 my husband decided to hire Stephanie Sequeira @theabchick to help me get through what was one of the most depressing times in my life. At this point I was 189 pounds and willing to try anything! She was my last resort. Still with all the depression and medical problems that included being type 2 diabetic, PCOS, Sleep Apnea, knee replacement and high blood pressure i agreed to start this journey! Stephanie from the start was a life saver, she was there, even though it was over the phone or internet, she was there.. she was in my head 24/7 and was constantly pushing me! The motivation and encouragement that was provided to me was not only consistent it was genuine. Stephanie had a way of reaching through the phone and hugging me when I needed a hug or kicking my ass when I needed that good beating! All in all she has been a god send to me. The meal plans have been on point since day one 👌 and the workouts have been challenging but great at sculpting my body! She knew what I needed in order for me to meet my goals. I had to work for every pound lost, but it was so worth it. In the first 6 months I dropped 30 plus pounds. Then started to build muscle mass! Today I'm 157 solid with very little fat! When I started this journey my goals were to drop weight and tone up, maybe do a bikini competition. My goals have since changed realizing that bikini wasn't for me after seeing my body at 140 pounds, I knew I liked a fuller figure! I have enjoyed building muscle 💪 and now currently looking forward to competing in Wellness Division! Future goals are to maintain my physique and attempt to get my pro card in Wellness! Overall my mindset and attitude has changed tremendously! Im confident and secure in who I am for really the first time in my life! Stephanie Sequeira not only provided me with the tools to be successful, she became a part of my family and she gave me my life back! A healthier lifestyle without medication or health problems! I can now pass this down to my children! I am beyond satisfied with my accomplishments and by far not finished with my physique, im just getting started! If your looking for a coach that will challenge your inner most personal thoughts and put you to the test, Coach Stephanie @theabchick is the coach for you!"


3 Month Plan


/3 months

Training Program with Updates

Nutrition Program with Updates

Supplement Guide

24/7 access

Frequently Asked Questions

Stephanie is very goal oriented. She believes in brining you to the stage to win. All her efforts will be aligned to meet that goal for each and every client. She understands that not every competitor in the NPC steps on stage to go PRO in the IFBB, but she still gives you that same attention to detail.

When you join Team Ab Chick, you are joining HER TEAM, which means she has a lot of personal interest in seeing you succeed in your goals.

All clients will get access to her cell via phone and text, in addition to her  coaching email address.

This is to allow for quick questions to be answered, and stay in regular communication.

I am HERE for YOU!

Weekly check-ins are so important! Let me tell you!

I’ve had a couple different coaches myself. And I’ve taken some of the best elements from each of them. 

You don’t want just text communication once a week. You want text anytime, plus weekly phone call check-ins like Steph provides. These allow you to stay 100% on the same page, build trust, and reduce the number of days/weeks with stalled progress and be able to break through those plateaus!

Yes, lol. You really talk to me every week at check-ins on the phone, AND you can text me any time!

I have a lot of experience working with vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, etc. 

If you have personal, religious, medical, or allergy concerns, I will 100% still work with you!

Yes, I will provide you with:

  1. Your own, personalized, macros for flexible dieting 
  2. A personalized meal plan that you can simply follow, without worry, to get your results.

These are Updated As-Needed, but we discuss that on a weekly basis. 

Off season this may not change frequently, but deep into prep it could change every week.