Competitor Suvery
At the end of, or after this survey, send me your current progress pictures in a separate email! (Front, Side, and Back shots) Please do NOT take bathroom mirror selfies, I cannot see them well. Instead, try using the timer function or make a video and then screenshot the poses! I cannot start your program without them! SEND PICTURES to - Check if you understand.
describe in detail your fitness goals
Do you have a rough idea of when you would like to compete?
Describe what you ate yesterday, with measurements if possible
What have you tried in the past? Which do you prefer?
How many times per day do you eat right now?
Do you know your current daily macros/calories?
if you have any food allergies or intolerance, let me know
Describe in detail your current workout routine, with weights, cardio, etc.
How many days/week do you train and train with weights?
How long are your weight training sessions?
i.e. M-legs, T-shoulders, W-arms, etc
How many days/week do you do cardio?
HIIT, jogging, etc? How long are your cardio sessions, on average?
Please let me know of any injuries or limitations you have.
I understand I am seeking the advice of someone in the field of bodybuilding, and as with all sports, risks of injury exist. I also agree to the terms of use found at the following link: This Checkbox constitutes my signature