My name is Stephanie Sequeira, I am the content creator behind @TheAbChick.

I am a fitness social media influencer who is known for her motivation and aspiration to succeed in life. I have grown my following to trust my recommendations and advice for the products and services that I use by virtue of my authority and reach.

I work with a plethora of different companies who want to raise awareness about their services, obtain high quality, top-of-the line content, increase credibility, improve SEO, access a new audience, and convert leads to sales.

I work harder than anyone. Find me someone who works harder than me, and I will up my own game and I will beat them.

I maintain a clean and dedicated image. While my niche is bodybuilding and fitness, my effort, commitment, and being 100% genuine is what I’m known for.


My Sponsors

Sponsor & Affiliation

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  • Pre-workout Powders
  • Protein Powders
  • Weightloss Supplements
  • Hormone Supplements

My stack:   "The Ab Chick Stack"   is my actual stack, that I use daily! It contains the exact ones I take, no gimmicks.

Blackstone Labs

I’ve been partnered with Blackstone since 2015 when I was a demo rep working booths every.other weekend across the suburbs of Chicagoland. This was around the time I began competing in bodybuilding.

Since then, I’ve worked my way up through the ranks year-by-year by becoming an affiliate rep and then an athlete and finally one of the top sponsored professional athletes in the company.

I’ve developed a great relationship with the owner, president, and CEO, P.J. Braun; He has helped me grow in many ways in the bodybuilding industry. My success with Blackstone Labs stems from my creative content creation displaying the products that I genuinely believe in and use.

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Sponsor & Affiliation

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  • Abs of Steel Shredding Cream
  • Buns of Steel Creams
  • Wraps: Cardio Waist Bands & Thigh Trimmers - help shed excess water weight!

Time to get streddyyyy.

SteelFit USA

I love working with Steel Fit because they have these creams that I just can't do my cardio without!

They get your skin warm and help you to keep your work rate up by drawing blood flow to that part of your body. Now, I've tried other creams before, but none work like these do!

I pair them with my wraps for my belly and thighs so I can bring that lean and toned look year round, even in my off season.

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Sponsor & Affiliation

Discount Code:   "abchick"   for 10% off your order.

  • Competition Day Event Tanning - Spray Tan Solution
  • DIY Base Coats
  • DIY Bronzer
  • Sunless Base Tan

I've used ProTan exclusively for a couple years now at Events using the Spray-On, but I only recently started the DIY kits and OMG life Changer! So Convenient.


ProTan is known as the number 1 worldwide tanning solution for good reason. As a professional bodybuilder, every detail matters. This includes having a natural but strong tan on the competition stage. 

I’ve also been with ProTan for years because I truly use and trust their products. I trust both their self tanners and their backstage spray-on solution to achieve my signature stage presence.

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Sponsor & Affiliation

Discount Code:   "theabchick"   for 10% off your order.

  • Custom Competition Suits/Bikinis
  • Unique Rhinestone Crystals
  • Posing Practice Suits/Bikinis
  • "Athlete Essentials"

All the suits I wear on stage are from Angel Competition Bikini's and you could easily get the same suit you see me in on stage!

Angel Competition Bikinis

Angel Competition Bikini's fit me so well and their customer service is top notch. I can't count the number of times I've jumped on a Facetime call and they have walked me through all the different suit combinations I could try out.

You can also get free samples sent to you of the fabrics you like. Don't miss out on getting a custom suit from the professionals who make them the best.

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Sponsor & Affiliation

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Three Easy Steps to get your customized meals.

  1. Pick Your Weekly Meal Package
  2. Check Out The Menu - Changes Weekly
  3. Tell us your Macros, or we will be in touch to establish them (FAT, CARBS and PROTEIN per meal)

They make me my Tilapia and Veggies so I can get my #TilapiaShreds every week!

Made 2 Macro

I recently begun working with Made 2 Macro for my meal prep. I have tried out several companies, and talked to many more; none have been able to deliver the quality and clean foods I need to succeed in my workouts and come in with the best package possible.

I highly recommend them to all competitors, but also to anyone who needs to be able to have regular meals on the goal. They literally make the meals to my specified macros. Based in Tampa, FL, they deliver to all of the Central and Eastern Time Zones of the USA.

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Sports Massage, Cupping, Graston Blade

Definition Sports Massage


Sponsor & Affiliation

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The piece of equipment every gym needs, and its a great at home multi-functional piece as well!

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Medical Grade Body Composition Analysis - Athletes Welcome

Body fat%, Lean mass %, Bone % & Symmetry

Metabolic rate testing

Dexa Fit


I don't see that your sponsored by a company in my industry, can I sponsor you?

Getting involved with me is easy, and I'm always interested in new and exciting business partners, sponsors, and affiliate-ships.

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Even skittles the Dane wants some delicious fish and veggies

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Q: What is a partnership?

A: Partnering with us means we are connecting our brands. The business aspect of things differs and is unique to each partnership, but alignment of goals is always the center spotlight. I work as a paid athlete with some companies, with affiliate links with others, or even more intimately all depending on the business and what we each provide. But ultimately my goal is to help both of us grow.

Q: Why a partner with The Ab Chick?

A: We are COMMITTED to your success. I believe all partnerships should be strategic. I want to grow my business. I know you do as well. I will always be upfront with what I offer and what I want out of the deal. And my goal is always for mutual growth. 

Q: What’s the process of working with you?

A: Check out the rest of my partnership portfolio page to see my primary sponsors and affiliates, as well as the smaller companies I have worked with. Then, Shoot me an email or utilize the contact form. I will need the best contact information for you, your name, business name, goals, email, phone, and why you think working together would be beneficial. If we are a great fit, we can move forward through email or set up a meet or phone call depending on our schedules and proximity. 

Q: What results have you gotten?

A: At some companies, such as Blackstone Labs, I am in their top affiliate code earners, as well as a top paid athlete and one of the faces of the franchise. I started in the industry as a no=name demo rep for BSL and worked my way up by proving and improving my worth. I make $1,000’s more in commission from my links with other companies such as SteelFit’s creams and wraps.

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Getting involved with me is easy, and I'm always interested in new and exciting business partners, sponsors, and affiliate-ships, and limited exchanges.

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