Reverse Diet New Diet. 10/3/2020

253c 254p 43f 2400calories

Meal 1
1 whole egg, 10g of egg whites, 2.5oz of beef, 1/2 c of oats I piece of fruit

Meal 2 pre training meal
5oz fish/ chicken egg whites shrimp 1/4 cup cream of rice 1tbs real jelly not sugar free jelly

Immediately post workout 1 scoop Blackstone Labs formula 19 – based on hunger wait minimum 30 but not more then 70 min to have meal 3

Meal 3
5oz of steak 40g carbs from white rice

Meal 4
5oz of fish/chicken/egg whites/shrimp 1/2 cup oats

Meal 5 and 6 conservative for this first week with just
Protein and greens at one meal and your choice of 5oz red meat and greens at other.

pedialyte packet on all training days