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Professional Training and Nutrition Coaching with check-ins and support.

My Nutrition & Training Blog, Latest Lifts, Check-ins, Posing Courses & More!

I have the coolest gym merch and apparel around. Are they staring because of your gainz or shirt? We may never know.


Our competitors come from all experience levels, and our focus is on bringing you the best package possible from your muscle maturity, to your leanness/hardness, to posing and stage presence.

Our clients have a range of goals. Some seeking to lose weight, some seeking to improve their health, and others also want the physique gains like a competitor, but have no desire to step on stage.


"The Ab Chick"

Stephanie Sequeira, Masters Degree, IFBB Pro

"The Med Dude"

Joseph Migliore, Masters Degree, Medical Student

I run 4 Transformation Challenges per year. Lasting 6 weeks. Winners often win prizes at the end of the program!

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Latest Lift – my daily workouts
  • Prep Diary – my check-ins and progress
  • Exercise Library – updated as I invent/discover new exercises with all my favorites and essentials
  • ABtv – like the Netflix of all things Abs – Launches by End of September

If you aren't ready for 1-on-1 coaching just yet, try one of our self-guided programs