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    Track and Store your workouts, nutrition, and progress. Communicate with me and your peers.

  • Structured Training and Cardio Regimen

    The core of the program is the training and cardio plan, built to achieve results.

  • Full Customized Meal Plan

    Make sure to include your allergies, likes/dislikes in the check-out survey!

  • Macros Calculated to your needs

    Bulking / Maintenance / Shredding … Just let me know in the survey!

  • Vegan/Vegetarian available!

    I work with all types of diets

  • Supplements to get you to the next level

    I don’t hold back with you guys. Honestly, you can get by with out extra supplements and get great results, but I’d be lying to you if I said they didn’t get you to the next level.

  • Email Contact

    All Challengers have our email and can ask questions at any point to get the answers they need regarding their training and nutrition. For anytime text/calls we recommend you sign up for our coaching plans.


What Your Teammates Say

I am so excited for the journey ahead and so grateful because through your fall challenge the dynamic of our home and marriage has been transformed.


Milena Gonzalez


I am beyond satisfied with my accomplishments and by far not finished with my physique, im just getting started! If your looking for a coach that will challenge your inner most personal thoughts and put you to the test, Coach Stephanie @theabchick is the coach for you!"

Erin Harkley

Client -> Competitor

Best meal plan put together for the goal / training and cardio. We adjusted when gyms were closed. Was it hard at times? Yup. But When you got that Latina pushing you, you just can't say no. 2021 I'm coming for ya!

Alex Lechuga


It is time to put YOURSELF first this year and stop dreaming. Your DREAM BODY is a short 8 weeks away!

This 8 week transformation program was created based on The Ab chick’s own personal training style. You will shred fat, build muscle, and build the physique of your dreams. It will be 56 days of giving everything you’ve got! With the proper training and individualized nutrition program, made just for you, you will obtain the best results possible in 8 weeks.

You will receive an 8 week training program and an individualized nutrition program based on your personal macros. That is right folks, not one diet will be the same. The diet will be based on your goals, needs, and individual characteristics.

The program will include the following:

  • 8 week Detailed Training Program
  • The most Advanced Personal Diet Based On YOUR Macros
  • Flexible dieting and constructed meal plan options are included on every plan
    • The constructed meal plan will take away all the second guessing, you will know exactly how much and what to eat while eating ALL the foods that you enjoy
    • Flexible dieting option will allow you to have a more hands on experience with creating your own diet. Guidelines and structures will be provided to eliminate confusion
  • Communicate directly with Stephanie and Joey through email
  • Complete library of exercise videos
  • Supplement Recommendation and discounts

Program details:

  1. Program will run for 8 weeks from your sign-up date
  2. Your program will be emailed to you by 5 business days after you submit you stating photos unless it is during the presale, then your program will be sent when the start occurs. The sooner your sign-up date, the sooner you will receive your program!
  3. You will receive access in your account to a grocery list, and supplement recommendations available to download when you purchase. Your full diet and training plan will be sent with the program.
  4. There will be an optional 4-week check-in where your diet may be adjusted based on need.

How to Enter:

  1. Fill out the Survey as detailed as possible. Remember we want to make this program as individual for you. If you like or do not like a food item please specify.
  2. Take your starting photos:
    • I need the following 4 photos:
      • 1) FRONT, 2) SIDE, 3) BACK, & 4) FUN/FLEXING
    • No Mirror selfies; you can get a friend to take your pictures or if you are independent female/male, you can take your initial images by taking a video. Prop up the phone, hit record, and move through your poses. Play back the video, hit pause during the pose, and take a screen shot.
    • Email your pictures to
    • Subject: 8 Week Summer Transformation Starting Photos and YOUR NAME
    • In the email, include the same full name and email that you filled out in the registration form

How to Get a Head Start

  1. Everyone will receive a grocery list of acceptable food items and a list of supplements. you can download that from you account page.
  2. Clean out your fridge and begin to get accustomed to eating healthier
  3. Purchase the supplements to have them ready for the start date
  4. Submit questions to and stay tuned to the email newsletter where questions will be answered weekly

I will send out important updates and instructions via this mail out. You will miss out on important submissions, program information, news, and much more if you do not sign up. Make sure you check your junk mail!

Frequently Asked Questions

Steph personally crafts every Transform Challenge program.

When you join Team Ab Chick, you are joining a TEAM, which means Steph and her coaches share the workload.

You will be randomly assigned a coach for your check-ins, but don’t worry, every coach on Team Ab Chick is hand picked and works closely with Steph to ensure uniformity across clients.

She has a lot of personal interest in seeing you succeed in your goals.

See our Team Page for list of current coaches

All clients will get access to your coach’s email address for questions and there is a chat feature, group chat and check-in progress photo feature in the app.

This is to allow for quick questions to be answered, and stay in regular communication.

If you are interested in our coaching programs, you get access to our cells for direct, anytime communication.

We are HERE for YOU!

I have a lot of experience working with vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, etc. 

If you have personal, religious, medical, or allergy concerns, I will 100% still work with you!

Yes, I will provide you with:

  1. Your own, personalized, macros for flexible dieting 
  2. A personalized meal plan that you can simply follow, without worry, to get your results.

These are Updated As-Needed, but we discuss that on a weekly basis. 

Off season this may not change frequently, but deep into prep it could change every week.

You MUST follow all the rules to be eligible. Not All Transformation Challenges have a prize at the end. Please read details on the Product page for more info.

Submit your starting, check-in, and final photos along with questions, weight, measurements, and any other pertinent info.

We will reach out directly to the winners to confirm prize delivery method.

That’s perfectly okay and understandable.

I have various levels of photo display options:

  • Full photo and testimonial display
  • No-Face photos and testimonial
  • No photos displayed at all

You don’t have to have your picture show on my website or social media to win, I simply won’t post you but you still can win. However, I DO NEED you to submit them to me via email check-ins in order for me to monitor your progress and actually see who won.

I’m sorry that is the case for you. 

I encourage you to reach back out to me to explore possible options. I always want the best results for my clients.

I have several other programs for you to try, and you may be more suited to coaching by one of our coaches. Depending on your needs, weekly check-ins, and direct coaching may be what you need to get to the next level.

Results cannot be guaranteed with any fitness plan and unfortunatley since you have had access to all of the materials, I cannot provide any refunds on these programs.