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Figuur8 Pro

Figuur8 Pro

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Figuur8 Pro is our #1 waist trainer. It takes our premiere waist trainer the Figuur8 to another level. The additional support strap provides additional tightening effects without losing the comfort and versatility you’ve come to expect from the Figuur8 waist trainer.

Trusted by @TheAbChick to conform and shape the abdomen to create the hourglass figure that so many women seek today. The waist trainer functions by creating a constant tension to the ribcage. Overtime, this adjusts, or “resets” the positioning of the ribs and musculature, provides shaping to your natural curves, and helps burn extra inches through increased thermogenesis.

  • The perforated fabric allows your skin to breathe both during workouts and throughout the day.*
  • The inner layer of cotton/spandex blend provides comfort while you move.*
  • The outer layer of latex is a sturdy, yet flexible moisture resistant material.*
  • The 9 steel ribs provide functional support to hold the shape, but still allow natural movements.*
  • Aggressive tightening belt, which emphasizes creation of the Figuur”8″ shape by placing additional shaping force to the center of the waist line.*


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult your doctor prior to use. This is not intended as a medical device.

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