Transformation Challenges

Transformation Challenges

This 8 week transformation program was created based on The Ab chick’s own personal training style. You will shred fat, build muscle, and build the physique of your dreams. It will be 56 days of giving everything you’ve got! With the proper training and individualized nutrition program, made just for you, you will obtain the best results possible in 8 weeks.

You will receive an 8 week training program and an individualized nutrition program based on your personal macros. That is right folks, not one diet will be the same. The diet will be based on your goals, needs, and individual characteristics.

Coach Stephanie Sequeira, IFBB Pro


Pic of me 3 months after I got my cast off my foot

I started my bodybuilding career in spring 2014 my last semester of college at the University of Florida. I completed my master's degree in psychology in 2016. While in this program, I got my Pro Bodybuilding card in November 2015 at NPC Nationals in Miami, FL where I won my class.

Since then I have competed in many shows across the country and even traveled internationally to Colombia and I competed in Vancouver, CA.

I love to give individualized attention to all my clients and my goal is see you achieve your fitness goals in a sustainable way and learn valuable skills. Let us make everyday a little bit easier to achieve and maintain your results.

I do this by learning about you and your goals and then tailoring my coaching to educate you in the areas most helpful to your success.

Coaching vs Transformation Challenges

Which is the BEST one for me?

There is no right or wrong answer. It is whatever you may be interested in.

It basically comes down to if you want 1-on-1, weekly attention, and custom workouts.

Transformation programs I still put a lot of effort into designing the training to be applicable to everyone and you still get a custom diet. This can be a great way to start for a lot of people. But at the same time if you don't know how to track macros or progress or you don't even know what a macro is, I suggest the 1-on-1 coaching.

I heard that there is a prize at the end

It is true some of my challenges have winners with a prize at the end, but not always. It all depends on the challenge I am running at the time.

It is time to put YOURSELF first this year and stop dreaming. Your DREAM BODY is a short 8 weeks away!

Sign up now or send in an application for a consultation. Do your best to fill out all the questions in detail. I've got you from there.

  • Training

    Training plan that is built from the ground up specifically for amazing progress and can me used by anyone. I include modifications, options for different goals, and often there is a home and gym version available.

  • Nutrition

    You get a customized diet plan! The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the foods you intake. These should be chosen to fuel your body, and macronutrients calculated to meet your goals

  • Cardio

    Cardio is important for getting the leanness and conditioning needed to show off your physique on stage. It will be custom tailored to your needs.

  • App Access

    You get access to my app. You can Track your progress, Log your workouts, and follow the Plan right there in the App. There is even an exercise library for help. And did I mention there is a chat with me and a group chat forum?

Program Details


What is it like working with The Ab Chick?

Stephanie is very goal oriented. She believes in brining you to the stage to win. All her efforts will be aligned to meet that goal for each and every client. She understands that not every competitor in the NPC steps on stage to go PRO in the IFBB, but she still gives you that same attention to detail.

When you join Team Ab Chick, you are joining HER TEAM, which means she has a lot of personal interest in seeing you succeed in your goals.

How is it getting in contact with Steph?

All clients will get access to her via the in-app messaging system, in addition to her  coaching email address.

This is to allow for quick questions to be answered, and stay in regular communication.

I am HERE for YOU!

How do I take my starting / check-in photos?

Take your starting photos:

  • I need the following 4 photos:


  • No Mirror selfies; you can get a friend to take your pictures or if you are independent female/male, you can take your initial images by taking a video. Prop up the phone, hit record, and move through your poses. Play back the video, hit pause during the pose, and take a screen shot.

Do I really talk to THE Ab Chick

Yes, lol. You really talk to me every week at check-ins on the phone, AND you can text me any time!

Vegans and Special Diets

I have a lot of experience working with vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, etc. 

If you have personal, religious, medical, or allergy concerns, I will 100% still work with you!

Will I know exactly what to eat? Macros or Meal plan?

Yes, I will provide you with:

  1. Your own, personalizedmacros for flexible dieting 
  2. personalized meal plan that you can simply follow, without worry, to get your results.

These are Updated As-Needed, but we discuss that on a weekly basis. 

Off season this may not change frequently, but deep into prep it could change every week.

How can I make sure I am eligible to win?

You MUST follow all the rules to be eligible. Not All Transformation Challenges have a prize at the end. Please read details on the Product page for more info.

Submit your starting, check-in, and final photos along with questions, weight, measurements, and any other pertinent info.

We will reach out directly to the winners to confirm prize delivery method.

I don't really want my photos displayed

That’s perfectly okay and understandable. By default, you agree to allow me to use your photos, but you can revoke this at your discretion.

I have various levels of photo display options:

  • Full photo and testimonial display
  • No-Face photos and testimonial
  • No photos displayed at all

You don’t have to have your picture show on my website or social media to win, I simply won’t post you but you still can win. However, I DO NEED you to submit them to me via email check-ins in order for me to monitor your progress and actually see who won.

I didn't get the results I was hoping for

I’m sorry that is the case for you. 

I encourage you to reach back out to me to explore possible options. I always want the best results for my clients.

I have several other programs for you to try, and you may be more suited to coaching by one of our coaches. Depending on your needs, weekly check-ins, and direct coaching may be what you need to get to the next level.

Results cannot be guaranteed with any fitness plan and unfortunately since you have had access to all of the materials, I cannot provide any refunds on these programs.